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Our Story

Growth Predictor is a UK based technology company that specialises in Future Performance diagnostics to bring predictive solutions to help clients predict and manage change. Early development of the company occurred in South Africa between 2000 and 2005 when corporate companies were seeking to adapt, and take advantage of, the post-apartheid political and business climate.


In this rapidly changing and challenging environment, Growth Predictor’s Entrepreneurial Development programme helped transform the results of large organisations by building a high-growth mentality with several thousand individuals and teams in banks and insurers. The results were so profound that Growth Predictor then reverse engineered the process to link revenue gains directly to entrepreneurial capability. Working closely with customers to develop a questionnaire based measurement tool focused on developing Entrepreneurial Teams, Growth Predictor produced a precise method of measuring the core drivers and inhibitors of growth present within a business, and their impact on Future Performance.


Interest in a predictive index by the Johannesburg and London Stock Exchanges, and some asset management companies, led to further development of algorithms and predictive diagnostic products to enable companies to thrive in the global innovation economy.

The Growth Predictor product suit is spearheaded by the Growth Predictor Score to help companies measure the rapidly changing expectations of customers and their innovative ability to keep pace.


The values below, embraced by the Growth Predictor Team, and underpinning the many growth concepts built into Growth Predictor Technology, help companies create the culture in which people, and therefore their business, can thrive.


  • Aspiration - Ambition to significantly impact company, customer and investor results

  • Ownership – Taking individual responsibility to deliver successful outcomes

  • Innovation - Desire and capability to contribute uniquely to ground-breaking solutions

  • Collaboration - Recognition that working collaboratively enables everyone to succeed

  • Reward – For high-value contributions that impact business growth

  • Sustainability - Self-managed performance and systems to create sustainable growth

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