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Ranked and Validated by Discerning Customers

Growth Predictor Interchange

World-Class Solutions to support Your Business

Scale your Business on the Innovation Interchange


This online platform will promote innovative solutions offered by companies ranked by their customers, to a wide audience, creating unique opportunities for businesses to scale in the innovation economy. It will be launched later in 2023 and made available to companies that are using the Innovation-Growth Predictor. 


  • To provide a platform for companies to promote their innovative solutions 

  • To significantly expand the range of credible business solutions available to buyers

  • To connect companies who are looking to collaborate with other innovative companies

  • To promote competition and quality through the customer-driven Innovation Impact Ranking System 


  • The Innovation Interchange connects innovative suppliers with 100s potential customers they would not otherwise be engaged with, with an expanding list of new opportunities.

  • This significantly shortens marketing and engagement journeys, giving companies more time to be commercially productive in scaling their businesses.

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