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How it Works

Two measures are required to complete your Growth Predictor Score. To get started we invite you to use our gift worth $2000 to measure the Growth Mindset of any team in your business. This is a strategic and comprehensive measure of that team's capability to adapt, contribute to innovation, and impact the growth of your business. It is a stand-alone measure which includes a detailed analysis and feedback session highlighting commercial opportunities and risks you can't see that will impact future results. There is no obligation to continue beyond this point.

Growth Mindset and Growth Capability

This is your first measure. Growth Mindset data is derived from a confidential 80-question assessment (a 15-minute exercise) that measures the impact on company growth of each employee and their team. Each question has been carefully designed to link mindset to financial outcomes. From these data points, 16 Growth Capability elements are grouped, measured, and weighted, to assess the collective capability of your company to adapt to changing customer needs, create innovative solutions to new problems, and execute this new value with precision.


Customer Expectations

This is your second measure. Customers rate their expectations of your company as an innovative problem solver. This single-criterion rating provides a quick and decisive measure that encapsulates answers to 3 underlying questions that determine the sustainability of current revenue from each customer.

  1. How relevant is your company's current solution to each customer's evolving needs?

  2. What is the customer’s experience of any improvements, and are they expecting more?

  3. How likely are they to seek an alternative solution from a competitor?

Growth Predictor Score

The Growth Predictor Score measures the dynamic interplay between Growth Mindset; Growth Capability; Customer Expectations; and Future Revenue (a combination of Current Revenue Sustainability and New Revenue Generation). Your company's likely future revenue and growth rate is calculated by applying the Growth Predictor Score to your company's current revenue and market conditions.

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