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is Penetrating, Powerful and Quick

Revenue Predictor

Our unique technology enables you to generate predictive data from your customers to give you early visibility into opportunities and risks specific to your business, that you can’t yet see, but will impact future results in the context of rapid change. It gives you a customer-certified measure of the Sustainability of your Current Revenue 6-18 months in advance of your results. This is based on new market intelligence from your customers on your company’s ability to keep pace with their changing needs and expectations. This helps you bring clarity, priority, and urgency to your strategic actions.


The technology enables you engage customers with a crucial, single-criterion assessment that quickly gets to the core of your business’s ongoing relevance to them, which forms the basis for predicting your future revenue. It measures the value each customer places on your solution in the context of the pace of change they are experiencing in their business, and the likelihood of them retaining your business as a supplier into the future. Analysis of customer responses to this criterion contain profound insights to help you respond quickly to secure your company's competitive position and future revenue.

Growth Predictor

This next step will enable you to certify your company's Capability to Grow Future Revenue. It is a comprehensive measure and analysis of your leaders' and teams' ability to Adapt, Innovate and Execute new value that keeps pace your customers' measured expectations in the Revenue Predictor. Your Growth Predictor Score™ which combines both measures, removes uncertainty from your business by predicting and certifying its Future Revenue, Growth Rate, and Business Risk in uncertain markets. Your dataset, supported by specialist Advisors, contains the unique actionable insights behind your company’s scores that will enable you to confidently avert risk, lift future revenue, and accelerate business value in changing and uncertain markets.

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