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Innovation-Growth Predictor

Identify Unique Opportunities to Grow Your B2B Market Share by 20% - this Year!

85% of companies don't know whether their Innovative Capability is keeping pace with the rapidly changing expectations of their customers...or the Impact of this on their Revenue

Take Advantage - Today!


A fundamental requirement for Growing Market Share in the innovation economy is the ability to acquire precision data on the rapidly changing expectations and needs of your customers - before your competitors. Use our technology to generate this essential new market intelligence by following these simple steps: 

Measure the changing expectations of each customer through our single-criterion Innovation Assessment and Predict the Sustainability of your business's Current Revenue from themUse our 'Start for Free' invitation for your first 5 customers.

Create new expectations and new revenue opportunities unique to your business with those customers by using your interactive Innovation-Growth Predictor.

Repeat this process for all your customers to:

  • Predict unseen risks to your business


  • Identify missed opportunities you can convert into immediate sales

  • Develop new levels of trust with customers to learn about their future needs before competitors


  • Start new conversations focused on new solutions provided by you

  • Convert these unique opportunities into new sales now

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