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Measuring AI Compatibility

What AI Compatibility means

Before a company can embrace AI in a transformative way, it must first be AI Compatible. A business is AI Compatible when its employees do not resist its application, but embrace it for the opportunity it provides to enhance their personal growth and unique contribution to the growth of the business.

This requires a mindset best demonstrated by entrepreneurs who must continually overcome new challenges and their associated risks, by rapidly adapting and learning new things to grow their businesses. For employees to elevate their capability and performance beyond the threat of AI, they must adopt this same mindset. This will enable any employee to become highly adaptable and confident in their ability to contribute to a business’s growth in ways that that are profound and uniquely human.  

Why it matters

Irrespective of the degree to which a business applies AI to its operations, a Growth Mindset is precisely what a business needs from employees to ensure their commercial focus and ability to Adapt, Innovate, and Execute new value to meet new customer needs in rapidly changing markets.

  • It is the collective mindset of the people in a business that determines its competitiveness and their ongoing employability.


  • The introduction of AI will serve to heighten awareness of the need for employees to acquire a Growth Mindset and mitigate the risk of their resistance to AI.


  • AI Compatibility will also be an important factor in a business’s ability to raise funding in an AI and innovation dominated economy.

The Challenge

Lifting the performance of employees to a level beyond the threat of AI requires a mindset most employees have never been required to develop. This will be a new challenge to many companies and their employees.

But because this mindset has distinct characteristics that are highlighted and analysed in the measurement of individuals and teams as part of a company’s Growth Predictor Score, it can developed with precision and practically applied to any role in a business.  

What it does

Developing a collective Growth Mindset within all teams will transform their ability to:

  • Adapt: Be constantly customer centric, recognising and pursing new opportunities that emerge through the process of change.


  • Innovate: Create unique saleable value by solving problems to exploit new opportunities.


  • Execute: Execute efficiently, and with precision, the delivery of new value to customers.

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